Cutting a Swath of Terror.
September 27th, 2009

Cutting a Swath of Terror.

Sadly the aforementioned turtles information is in fact true. But I’m still gonna watch Turtles Forever because it should be a good story! And I’m sure fans of the big geeb one will notice how this page ties into his recent story arc. over at

As for recent news, not much to say really, bar the fact I’ve been watching too much stuff by That Guy With the Glasses and also Linkara and Spoony. I really gotta stop doing that so much and focus on my stuff. Mostly because I want to try adn film my own junk.

Not a lot of review type news this week, mostly because I’ve been planning a bunch of stuff I’m going to do, and not really sitting through much. [totally ignore the previous paragraph, you're obviously mistaken.] Making some headway with my planning for NaNoWriMo 09 which I’m participating in this year. and at the same time, I’ll probably be filming some vlogs of the experience. If they’re going to be watchable or not, I dont know, but it should be fun to see how a months worth of writing slowly breaks down my sanity and reduces me to a crazed mess.

So who knows, there may soon be some video content heading your way from this part of the Not Regret Empire. but anyway, see you guys later!

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