Playing the Karma Game
October 24th, 2009

Playing the Karma Game

This is actually true, I do often find myself “Playing Karma” In order to get what I want. In this case, I knew if I got everything sorted and was just sitting about waiting for NaNoWriMo to start something would get in my way, I never thought it’d be the triumphant return of Valkyrie Sky though.

Valkyrie Sky is an excellent free MMO game of which the last beta finished in februrary. Since then all the people I know who played have been waiting with baited breath for the return, which was announced about 2 weeks ago, and is now available. its only another beta but its a LOT more polished and still an incredibly brilliant game.

Basically its WoW but instead of clicking on monsters and killing stuff over and over, ie. all the grinding, you play R-Type/Gradius instead. It’s pretty brilliant in that there are four different types of character and a multitude of classes within that type. For example Bowmen can be rangers, archers, hunters etc. each has different skills and if you’ve played an MMO you’ll know exactly how this all works. But the real skill comes about when you need to form teams of different players in order to survive some of the stages. Swordsmen can block bullets so they’re pretty invaluable in some of the “bullet hell” stages and Bowmen are pretty excellent at dealing damage to bosses. You can solo, but a lot of the time its way more fun to have 4 players in an R-type stage. And this time around there are pets and a PVP system that are pretty awesome.

So until NaNo comes around I’m doing my best to remember to do some research for my upcoming novel, and during every other waking second I’m pretty much playing VS. But don’t worry, you’ll still get your monthly comic.

God, I need to get doing a weekly strip again. I suck. If you want to complain, meet me in VS. =P

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