Scrubbed up nicely.
December 20th, 2009

Scrubbed up nicely.

What can I say? I really really REALLY can’t stand the character of Elliot in Scrubs. I mean yeah this season has us innundated with a bunch of annoying newbies, but at least they’re shaking up the show and trying to keep it interesting. And one of the bonuses of such efforts is the lack of Elliot. So hooray for new scrubs!

In other news, I’ve been hard at work sitting on my ass watching christmas specials this week, and I’m serious, in about three days I’ve managed about twenty. Including The Santa Clause trilogy. Which I’ve decided I rather like. Also garfield, mickey, chipmunks, miracle on 34th street, polar express, fred claus, you name a christmas special, I’ve probably seen it. [I saw the Pacman even, I'm not kidding.]

And of course, I’m saving the Muppets Christmas Carol for the day itself, and possibly home alone and die hard too. Because you cant celebrate the holidays without the classics. And of course, the new Doctor Who special. THE END OF TIME.  Woop! Anyway, I should be back beforehand, but if not, Merry Christmas you fellow Artsouls.

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