Art Souls, is a little comic drawn by Richie McCann.
Black and white to save time, it was originally a little side strip and now its got its own site and such.
If you’re really concerned with little details like “how do they live together if they’re not all in the same country” and other science facts just relax and tell yourself, its only a show. I mean Comic.

Artsouls Updates once a week on sundays.


The Cast

Photobucket Richie/Rico:Art: Cartooning/Comicing

A university graduate currently bartending while trying to save enough money to emmigrate to Canada.

Photobucket Kerry:Art: Design/Painting/Fashion/Illustration

Works in a kids toy store in Toronto. Wants to start her own clothes line and toy line.

Photobucket George/Geebie:

Art: Comicing Super Hero Style!

Graduating from the same course, George has also had some trouble employment wise. But you cant be an artist without the struggling part.